Products - Fire Rated Products

USA Architectural Aluminum Products is confident to expand our relationship with many companies offering fire rated products including SAFTI-FIRST. Their fire rated framing systems are virtually available in any architectural finish and profile, yet offer the most advanced range of fire rated times to meet your next project’s limitations. Whether it be curtain wall, doors, window systems or other architectural products you are looking for in a fire rated system, we are happy to supply those to you through our SAFTI-FIRST comprehensive product line.

In addition to fire rated architectural aluminum products, we also carry fire rated glass designed to the specifications of your next project. With fire rated glass becoming the most popular choice in the glass industry, SAFTI-FIRST has over 25 years of experience in developing the most innovative products to safely meet your project’s needs.

For more information on SAFTI-FIRST and their fire rated products, please clink on their link.